Price: 40 EUR
"Open the world with Felix Redka"
15 July Mon. 19:00

"Open the world with Felix Redka"

Price: 40 EUR

Grssoe Freiheit 64
Left to event 1 day 15 hours 23 minutes
Відкрий Світ з Феліксом Р...
Відкрий Світ з Феліксом Редькою
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18 July, 19:00 Kosice 40 EUR Buy
20 July, 19:00 Leipzig 25 EUR Buy
24 July, 19:00 Berlin 30 EUR Buy
26 July, 19:00 Gdansk 120 PLN Buy
27 July, 20:00 Warszawa 149 PLN Buy

About the show

The master of humor Felix Redka is going on a tour of Europe to raise money for his father's military unit!

"Open the World with Freedom" is a cult magazine, thanks to which tens of thousands of Ukrainian children studied geography and history.

"Open the world with Felix Redka" is an hour and a half of jokes, auctions, songs and a signature gold jacket.

Come and listen to a new stand-up from the People's Mayor of Sumy, Anatoly Pochechun, a comedian from the "comedian plus historian" podcast, the author of "Standup in a bomb shelter" and just a beggar and a perfect slave according to the version of Iryna Farion.

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