40 EUR
Open the world with Felix Redka
07 July

Open the world with Felix Redka

40 EUR

Lucky PUNCH Comedy Club
Rosenheimer Str. 5

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Відкрий Світ з Феліксом Р...
Відкрий Світ з Феліксом Редькою
02 July, 19:00 Krakow 120 PLN Buy
03 July, 19:00 Bratislava 30 EUR Buy
04 July, 19:00 Kosice 40 EUR Buy
05 July, 19:00 Vienna 40 EUR Buy
06 July, 19:00 Prague 625 CZK Buy
09 July, 19:00 Cologne 30 EUR Buy
10 July, 19:00 Duesseldorf 30 EUR Buy
11 July, 19:00 Antwerpen 40 EUR Buy
12 July, 19:00 Rotterdam 40 EUR Buy
13 July, 19:00 Brussels 40 EUR Buy
14 July, 19:00 Amsterdam 30 EUR Buy
15 July, 19:00 Hamburg 40 EUR Buy
17 July, 19:00 Odense 30 EUR Buy
18 July, 19:00 Herning 40 EUR Buy
19 July, 18:30 Copenhagen 40 EUR Buy
20 July, 19:00 Leipzig 25 EUR Buy
22 July, 19:00 Paris 40 EUR Buy
24 July, 19:00 Berlin 30 EUR Buy
25 July, 19:00 Wroclaw 139 PLN Buy
26 July, 19:00 Gdansk 120 PLN Buy
27 July, 20:00 Warszawa 149 PLN Buy

About the show

Felix Redka's performance in Munich!

We invite you to a humorous event in Munich, on July 7, 2024, the master of humor Felix Redka (Фелікс Редька) will perform at Lucky PUNCH Comedy Club! He is going on a European tour to raise funds for the military unit where his father serves. He has prepared a lot of surprises and jokes for you that will make this evening funny and bright! Discover the world of humor and good mood with the unsurpassed Felix Redka!

“Open the world with Felix Redka” in Munich!

Anatoliy Pochechun, People's Mayor of Sumy, comedian of the podcast “комік плюс історик”, author of “Стендап в бомбосховищі”, has prepared a program “Open the World with Felix Redka” (“Відкрий світ з Феліксом Редькою”) for you:

  • An hour and a half of brilliant jokes

  • Auctions

  • Songs

  • And, of course, a branded golden jacket!

100% of the proceeds from the concert will go to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Come support the Ukrainian defenders while getting unforgettable emotions from the evening of humor! You can buy tickets for Felix Redka's performance in Munich online on our website. 

  • Venue:

Lucky PUNCH Comedy Club

Rosenheimer Str. 5, Munich

See you there!

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